Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Great Worldwide Star Count

October 9-23, 2009 (The dates in which the actual event occurs.)

These two websites provide important information for those who want to participate in the Star Count. It also gives a little backround on why the Star Count was started.

The Great Worldwide Star Count was started mainly to make people more aware of how light pollution really affects how many stars you can see at night. Another reason is to get people more involved in astronomy. Since we live in the Northern Hemisphere we are asked to observe Cygnus, the swan. I live 42.447697 North and -82.904884 West.
I can't wait for a clear night to participate.

"They bombed the Moon!!!"
October 16, 2009

The article talks about the instruments and how they captured images and other data right up until the last second of impact. They also talk a bit about their predictions about impact and data collection.

The LCROSS and LRO spacecrafts were sent out into space in which they did a series of orbits around the moon to map out safe landing areas to crash. After deciding to land near the south pole of the moon it then completed its last orbit and proceeded to 'bomb' the moon. The entire purpose for crashing on the moon is to create a huge debris cloud. The debris cloud will then be analyzed to see if there is frozen water on the moon. The existence of water on the moon is crucial because it will further advance the project of living on the moon.

The fact that we've crashed the moon seems totally insane however once the entire process is broken down it doesn't seem so unethical. Its actually a bright idea to start moon colonies for the simple fact that the entire world population is sky rocketing. Less people on earth means less pollution, less supply and demand issues, and even less sickness because things won't be so crowded for disease and infections to occur. This moon crashing stuff is definitely alright with me.