Sunday, November 15, 2009

The 3 Astro-zines....

Sky & Telescope- This magazine seemed to be more for real astronomers, amateur or professional. Someone who has a good background in Astronomy would be very inclined to this magazine because it almost skips the basics and jumps right into the pudding. Something also very obvious because of the name of the magazine is the detail they go into about the telescopes and how certain telescopes are better for viewing certain things.

Mercury- This magazine was very interesting because it had different ideas to bring people closer to space. It also had a teacher vibe going on because it had so many thick articles. This magazine is definitely for the folks who love to read about space. The reading is also somewhat advanced based on their lingo used.

Astronomy- This was my absolute favorite magazine because the articles grabbed you. Also the images and pictures were very attracting. This magazine is easy to read and breaks things down so someone who isn't very seasoned can understand. I think this magazine would be perfect for people like to read up on astronomical events in their spare time as a hobby.

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