Sunday, January 24, 2010

Titan the Great

Titan is a moon of Saturn but is larger than some of the planets in our solar system. It has an environment said to be similar to Earth when it began forming life which is why it is suspected that Titan is capable of forming life. The air holds amino acids which were essential in forming life on Earth. Even their air is made of mostly Nitrogen like the earth. Although Titan has an atmospheric pressure of 1.6 bars it hold seas of liquid ethane. It may seem unpractical to have life form from ethane when water is so important and ethane is actually fatal to us but this may essential for that certain type of life to form. Their climate is very cold also which means that the water their is frozen.
There was a mission sent in 1980 to take pictures of Titan but the craft couldn't seep through the thick, cloudy atmosphere. There have been other crafts to go but still couldn't penetrate through the atmosphere. They are still trying to figure out way to go about exploring this moon of Saturn.

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